Every choice we make affects our planet, in some way.


Our Mission

We collaborate with a powerful global network of likeminded individuals and organizations, to research, design, manufacture and deliver high quality, value added urban athletic and outdoor adventure apparel, for discerning wearers. We curate collections, to exacting standards, for active lifestyles, team sports and group activities. Our unique, minimalist essentials are meticulously developed to excel in fit, form, function and feel, transitioning seamlessly from rough terrain to city dwelling, hardcore workouts to leisure pursuits, with a focus on sustainability and a desire to give back.

Our Vision

Every choice we make affects our planet, in some way. Our vision, as a collaborative, global-minded company, is to contribute to shifting the conscious mindset of individuals and organizations, by inspiring change and blazing new trails. We will remain committed to facilitating connections and being a conduit of possibility, to enable us to reduce our footprint and ultimately leave no negative trace. While understanding the needs of our wearers and their lifestyles, we will strive to ensure that every touchpoint of our urban athletic lifestyle and outdoor adventure apparel business operates with regard for the environment and respect for the people we interact with. We envision bringing together a powerful network, based on shared values, to support and encourage others to take responsibility and give back, both locally and internationally.

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